First of all let me clarify this: I do not want to be the person who never takes a side in a political discussion. The real problem is when those with strong political leaning, treat each issue as if it is their own and their responsibility to defend (or oppose). Funny thing is most of them won’t even get paid or get any political favor at the end 😛

The biggest debate happening in India these days is on “Intolerance”. So strong that there is no space for discussions on floods in Tamil Nadu.

Like many Indians, I was outraged by the incident at Dadri. It is certainly one of the worst incidents to happen in modern India. (This post is not about this topic specifically). The silence of the Prime Minister Mr. Modi was unexpected. As a leader of the country, he should have given a responsible statement to the nation. Then there were some more incidents across India which affected communal harmony. The government of India (though union government is not directly responsible for law and order at state level) could have done something. This government was elected by the people with huge expectations after all (Oh! the promises).

It is a universal fact that right wing supporters become strong in their opinions when there is a right leaning government and so with left. All these incidents were extremely unfortunate. But holding central government responsible for this somehow didn’t make sense to me. Even though I am not a big fan of Mr. Modi, I am surprised by the amount of criticism his government received.

Some acknowledged that there is a growing intolerance, which maybe true. Many returned awards (non-violent protest so good but still I don’t get the point). Opposition political parties protested which is also right thing to do but they made this the main issue against the government where there were lots of things to pick up against the government. The media, most known to give space to high TRP fetching programs gave most time for ‘intolerance’ debate.

If the government and those in government are not breaking any law, protesting against the issue without an attempt to introduce a new law is wrong. Law and Order is still with the state, it is state’s responsibility to remove corrupt and incompetent officials. To me the whole opposition seemed like a frustration against the government in general. I am all for a good opposition but this is not how it is supposed to be.

India is definitely one of the most tolerant countries in the world. I am very proud of it.

To end: Aamir khan!

So the ‘Satyamev Jayate’ anchor Aamir Khan was asked a question on intolerance and this is what he said:

Argue all you want, Aamir Khan was wrong there. He has consistently been a hypocrite.



Life runs on belief!!!

Truth will be rewarded one day or other. There can be incidents or events which make you impatient to get quick rewards but if you keep the calm and believe that your good work will be rewarded sometime, you’ll certainly have the fruit.
I’m not referring to God or Religion(by modern definition) as such. Basically Religion is also a belief. Nobody has seen god but we believe there will be someone who looks after all the events that happen and provide justice if we pray. ‘Pray’ can be interpreted as we being humble, honest, leading our life for the better of all.
(I will write some other article on prayer, God, Religion)
Coming back, I believe that if we keep our attitude right, are humble, kind n wishing good for all, we will be rewarded someday. This patience will bring peace to your life.

Expecting as such is not right!

Quoting Sri Kṛṣṇa from Bhagavad-Gita-

“कर्मणयेवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन।

मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि।”

which means “You have a right to perform your prescribed action, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results your activities,and never be associated to not doing your duty“. (Source: http://vedabase.net/bg/2/47/)

Do your work sincerely, leave the rest to God.

Techtikka.com was started by Jayadeep and Rahul Vittal, 2 of my very good friends in engineering.

Initially they started off with the silent watchers(TSW) blog http://thesilentwatchers.blogspot.in/ Many of my friends contributed. I was also a member initially but dint blog later due to various reasons.

After the domain change Techtikka.com has been a hit amongst many.  With “constant change” in kind of articles, I am sure the website will be a big hit soon 🙂

Ok that was the introduction! So far I have written just two posts in this website. You can have a look –

LG optimus L5 – Review

Process vs Quality

And there is a nice intro of every author – http://www.techtikka.com/bts/ 😀

To catch my posts in techtikka, keep checking  – http://www.techtikka.com/author/sachingowda/

Have a good day!! 🙂


My engineering life will not be complete without mentioning twitter. I joined twitter on 13th May 2009(not sure!!). I was the first to join and tweet from our class. I dint login for almost 3months. Later saw Jayadeep and Rohit Bhat (formerly @rohitbhatta) profiles! After sometime, my friend with whom I used to travel in BMTC to college, Rahul.S  joined (May be because I was talking too much about it! :D) and he was one of the first to say Twitter is cool! B-) .Subrahamaya(formerly @GodKnowz) joined next.  Rahul.V(formerly @rlvl) introduced me to blogging and I introduced him to twitter :D.

During 4th sem (Jan-May’10), 6 of us started tweeting a lot (Now the no of tweets seems really small). We used to login to mainly see each other’s tweets, football updates n celebs(I used to come mainly for @Arsenal tweets). Bhatta was an exception with his trademark BJP tweets. He made quite a lot of followers, highest amongst us even now. Our tweets were mainly about EPL, cricket and college. It was like getting freedom from facebook in which every post used to get some lame comments which I hated x-(, here hardly anybody used to care 😛 .We could freely discuss politics and sports.

If we guys are such a close set of friends, it’s because of twitter :). We all used smstweets mainly to tweet those days. Some of us (Airtel) used to get tweets as an sms! \m/

There were 4 Man Utd fans! 1 Chelsea(Bhat) and 1 Arsenal supporter 🙂 (No LOLPOOL fans, sorry :P). All supported RCB 🙂 (exception: Bhat supports RR now :P).  There were divisions based on Tennis. I am not a keen Tennis follower like my fellow friends. Another reason for division was Politics!

We had virtual tweet wars over all these topics. I don’t remember how exactly it started, sometimes we used to tweet without mentioning others name and targeting intentionally! Some tweet battles went out of control to an extent to damage friendships! Twitter was no more fun. This deadlock continued almost for 1year (almost covering my entire 3rd year of BE). I and others thought this is not going to lead us anywhere. I was determined to respect all other football clubs and political parties! Others did the same. This worked 🙂

From the last one year, twitter has again been a good experience with others from my class – Varun, Praveen, Shivadarshan, Sachin.k, Vijay, Srivatsa tweeting quite frequently.

Through twitter I met some PESIT seniors who have helped me a lot. “#PESITmemories” becoming number 1 trending topic in India is so far the only achievement (If u call so :D).

Hopefully we all stay together in the future too 🙂

Jai Twitter!

The feeling that we are leaving the college, the friends,  the teachers etc… came to everyone by April end only.  Seeing those Facebook posts I used to think what all I may miss by leaving this college and what all I will gain 😀

I dint wanted to express all those till I actually leave the college. Expressing it even before writing the exam dint seem right. But my mind dint agree 😛 . I got loads of ideas what to write about my Engineering life. Till then I was sure about writing a big blog post and a few tweets.

After the project presentation n hanging out with pals, just like any other day I logged into twitter first. Mainly because I was lazy to write to a big post and wanted to just blurt out!

After few tweets about the presentation, my first real tweet started with “#PESITmemories” and it was kind of a personal opinion tweet. The choice for the hashtag was not decided earlier, it just came to my mind at that moment. The next minute I tweeted again with the same hashtag. My senior Gowrav Shenoy noticed it and asked – are we trending #PESITmemories? (Some people said this won’t trend. Instead you can try #Collegememories. I used both hashtags in some tweets 😀 But most of our tweets were PESIT specific so we had to stick with #PESITmemories).

There was positive response from Jayadeep, Guruprasad Alse and may be others whom I dint notice. The riot started! My old classmates – Rahul VVarun, Rohit and Praveen also started tweeting. After few tweets. I thought I can’t tweet further and this won’t trend. That time Raveesh(who was doing internship in Africa!), Rahul Selvam(who had project presentation the next day) and junior Susheel (who still had lab externals) joined us! This rejuvenated me! Many more people joined us later!

Some of tweets were just fantastic(http://jayadeeptp.blogspot.in/2012/05/pesitmemories.html, a collection of some of the best #PESITmemories tweets). I have to be honest that some tweets were lame. People desperately wanted this topic to trend! which eventually helped us.

@TrendsBangalore tweeted that “#PESITmemories” is trending in Bangalore.  Few more tweets, it was sure to be a trending topic in at least Bangalore (twitter’s official trending topic list). I refreshing again n again to see whether it has changed! But there was no change in trending topics list of Bangalore 😦 . All of a sudden I saw a junior’s tweet that #PESITmemories is 3rd in India!!!!!!!!! I was stunned! Posts about this started in facebook! Then i had to explain what a trending topic is to many friends. Some friends logged into twitter (after ages!), after seeing facebook posts. All their contribution took #PESItmemories to no.1 position in Indian TT and PESIT was no. 10!

This is the highest feat we could achieve in twitter. Some day, I would love to see in world trending topics too but it’s very difficult.

As usual there were people who dint wanted to tweet even though they were online on twitter, saw the tweets with the hashtag and were free. I am pretty sure LAZY to tweet ain’t the reason. This is the attitude of many PESITians I hated through out my engineering life. I don’t want to elaborate more! If u want to know, DM me on twitter :P.

#PESITmemories trended even on 29th May 2012. I couldn’t check out many tweets on 28th because they were just too many. I checked many tweets on 30th. I was really pissed off when some students from other colleges(I don’t want to name the college thought it’s obvious) started making fun of the hashtag. Some guys even commenting on the pic as fake! :O Just because their college dint come in India’s TT doesn’t mean they can make fun of us! Pesit students came up brilliant replies to shut them up.

* Some of my friends later asked me why we gave a publicity to college!? Good question considering the fact that it was the “collection season”. Well, I just wanted to tweet about my personal opinions and events that happened in the college. Others joined so it trended. I am pretty sure none of tweets said please join college, ours is the best or something! I am honest enough to accept that I don’t love the college like some people. May be because of some bad incidents. Not really to do with the management.

* Why 28th may 2012? Most of the PESIT EC final year project presentations got over on 28th. PESIT EC contribution is huge!!

Finally, it is proved that PESIT forms the largest group of students/alumnis from a college on Twitter! (Facebook is quite even). We are a force on the internet 😀

I had my final semester project presentation on 28 may 2012 at 1:30PM. My project partners – Jayadeep and Rohit myself thought of coming to college early to discuss about the presentation and also run the MATLAB codes once.

The classrooms were locked! So we had no choice but to go to CoRI. I fell down while entering the CoRI! Then more than 2 unauspicious events happened. I thought I am gonna really screw up this ppt today.

We entered the hall on time. As usual, we were asked to write about our project in not more than 2 pages. As the tradition goes, we went to present first! Internal guide was Dr.VK, who is one of the very few in my Dept who could understand our project.

In all our presentations the order has been – JD, Bhatta and Me. Jayadeep starts off with the same old introduction! and completes one technique. Rohit Bhat will cover another technique. Then I come in the end to present one more method and compare all 🙂

The presentation started at 2:20PM. As expected Dr.VK asked some valid questions. We were able to answer most of them (We got stuck at few). The external from RVCE seemed clueless. May be Artificial intelligence is not her domain. This backfired as she objected for mistakes like font size, equation number etc in the report.

I agree we should have taken care of that but still compared to others (I am in a freaking relative grading system!!) our report was good. The external went on to say  that we haven’t done anything in our report. I got pissed off because the reasons seemed lame. If the problem was with the content and the work we have done, I would have agreed. It was too demotivating 😐

Also, I don’t understand why examiners won’t ask us to show the code and explain! 70% of the project time will be used on that.

Hope these mistakes are corrected by next year 🙂

After the project presentation we were joined by some more friends.  Had some good chats at A2B in Kathriguppe and one more place in Jayanagar which I wanted go from the past 1year! Back home,  I was instructed by mom to go to ISRO Layout Ganapathi Temple to pray for a better future! 😀

I will say – The day just started now!

After the 3 difficult years with nokia 5130 Xpress Music I wanted to buy a smart phone, preferably one with an android OS as most of my friends have android.

Samsung mobiles were the first ones to come to my mind. I searched a lot about the prices and specifications online(Used flipkart for this but dint buy there :P).  Other options were Motorola, HTC, Nokia(again!!). I dont know why, Sony Ericsson never came to my mind. After all the research, I went to buy HTC Explorer which would meet my price range and specifications considerably. I was forced to look at other mobiles in those shops by those fellows. One factor which striked me was – Update to Andriod 4.0. Any mobile with <1Ghz processor can’t get an official update to 4.0. So my new specification became android 4.0 instead of 2.3. For this specification, probably the cheapest mobile was Sony Xperia Mini. I really like the display and effects. The display is small but that is what i want. I don’t want a phone like a tablet! 😛

When I came home after purchasing I started looking at the reviews. Many criticized Battery capacity. I haven’t faced that much of battery problem. It is the same case with all Android phones.

The only problem I have faced was with the keyboard software. The OPTIONS menu used to pop up every second(without any contact) making me impossible to type a text, make a call! I was totally disgusted. Later I upgraded the software. The problem is fixed for now but the OPTIONS menu pops up even now but very rarely. The writing language was changed to Croatian! I am sure I wouldn’t have done it in my wildest dreams also 😛

Other than that, The phone is really good. I am loving it ! 🙂

My sister gave it to me as a Birthday present 🙂

Jayadeep and Rahul helped me in choosing the right phone giving lot of insights.

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